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Find Non-Profits That Fit Your Needs.

Find verified and categorized non-profits from our exhaustive database and build lasting impact through grants.

A one-stop shop for finding out all you need about non-profits that can exponentially amplify the impact of your charitable contributions. Run by a proven team with relationships across the Indian business ecosystem, Ekaimpact Foundation helps you find the best-fit social impact projects for your buck.

Our Story

The crux of Ekaimpact Foundation is simple: reliably compliant, proveably impactful non-profits with quickly scaleable business models. We aim to give these organizations the visibility they deserve, while connecting them with the sources they need for capacity building and capital allocation. Therefore we take great pains and put in thousands of hours of work to ensure that our non-profits meet our stringent standards.

Curated, Vetted.

At Ekaimpact, we provide Verified badges to deserving NGOs that adhere to our strict standards. For these verified NGOs, we provide the following compliance checks:

 Certifications & Financial Transparency

  • Certifications Validation: Authenticating key certifications like 80G, 12A, FCRA, CSR-1, and MCA registration.

  • Financial Transparency: Scrutinizing audited financial statements for income, and donor details.

We also provide further verification and assessment services, depending on requirements. These include:

  • Impact verification: Collecting visual proof (pictures, videos) and beneficiary details. Conducting on-site or virtual visits to verify the actual impact.

  • Measuring Effectiveness: Analyzing historical impact data for meaningful comparisons. Understanding direct and indirect beneficiaries for holistic assessment.


Please get in touch with our team for further details on the same.


We Work With Non-profits That Make A Difference


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