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Welcome To Ekaimpact

Welcome to Ekaimpact Foundation, where we are building India's most efficient personal philanthropy platform. As our guests from LetsVenture, you'll find yourself in familiar waters. Ekaimpact was founded by Sanjay Jha, the co-founder and CTO of LetsVenture. With a decade-long journey at the helm of Let'sVenture, Sanjay led over 1000 startups to raise an impressive $200 million. This Foundation is his visionary effort to transpose the proven VC model into the social impact spacespace,  eliminating emotion from philanthropy.

Sanjay Jha,Co-founder
LetsVenture, Ekaimpact

What We Do

At Ekaimpact, we operate with a commitment to bringing objectivity to philanthropy. Our mission is to involve intelligent, ambitious decision-makers who have demonstrated excellence in corporate, business, entrepreneurship, law, and academia. Our unique approach forms an exclusive invite-only community, empowering these individuals to directly decide which non-profits, selected from our extensive database of 2500+, receive funding and support. We do so through online events which host a conjunction of fundraising and networking,  facilitating new points of view and ideas to the impact space.


What We Work With

Ekaimpact Foundation is dedicated to collaborating with grassroots-level non-profits, typically operating with budgets under two crores. These organizations, despite doing commendable work in niche segments, often lack the resources to garner attention and funding. Ekaimpact steps in as stage zero providers for them, providing largely unrestricted initial funding and essential networking opportunities. Our goal is to empower these non-profits to grow, eventually raising institutional funding and becoming self-reliant, thus catalyzing lasting positive change.

Supported by

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Nagaraja Prakasam

  • LinkedIn
Nagaraja Prakasam is a partner at the $150 million Acumen Fund and the Lead Angel Investor at IAN Impact Angel Network. He is also an advisor at NSRCEL, IIM Bangalore and the author of the book "Back to Bharat in Search of a Sustainable Future.

Shanti Mohan

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The Founder of LetsVenture as well as Trica, Shanti Mohan has seen hundreds of enterprises come up. Formerly at Hewlett Packard in California, she's also a venture partner at N+1 Capital and a volunteer at OpenDoor.
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